Our EMS agency employs 45 paramedics and EMT’s. We are often called on to staff 4 or 5 ambulances at the same time to respond to emergencies in our communities. Each ambulance is staffed by a highly trained and experienced EMT and Paramedic.  They bring “state of the art” emergency care to your door in just minutes.  Our providers are proficient in medication administration, ECG interpretation and cardiac therapy, IV therapy, Oxygen therapy and advanced airway control.


Today the agency remains an independent corporation. It is not a “municipal agency”. That means our staff do not receive the civil service wages, benefits or retirement that municipal employees do.  90% of our employees must juggle several jobs just to make ends meet.  There is a decline in the number of Paramedics and EMT’s as a result of the poor pay and lack of benefits. This makes recruitment and retention of good staff a constant challenge. There are many agencies competing to hire from a small group of candidates. Many of our current employees are waiting for Fire or Police jobs or studying to be nurses or other, better compensated healthcare professionals. We are fortunate to have a cadre of dedicated employees, some who have been with us for decades. We have many employees who have moved on to other professions, but continue to work with us part time.  

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